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Hi. I'm Paulo Martins. Thanks for having a look at my page. I have been in the fitness' world since 2001. My knowledge comes not only from my different certifications (TRX Suspension Trainer, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, TriggerPoint Therapy, Kettlebell ...) but also from my personal experience.


I continue to expand my knowledge through the review of the latest scientific studies in the fields of fitness and nutrition, as well as new certification; my goal is to always offer effective and up-to-date services.


Creating new fitness and nutrition habits is difficult and a long journey. My goal is to help you as best as possible, so that your lifestyle can be more balanced through training programs and nutritional advices tailored to your goals.




The trainings I propose are specific to each athlete and client that I train.

The goal is not to make you move, but to make your body more functionnal according specific purposes (cardiovascular and muscular endurance, weight loss, strength, muscle mass increase, obstacle course preparation, power, coordination, agility , balance).

I will not give you false promises or make you dream with impossible goals. Each body is different, and reacts differently. The most important thing is that your body remains functional, and that you feel better with yourself.

The trainings are based on functional and analytical methods while joining efficiency and distraction.

Having also a degree in psychology, understanding the needs of each of my clients to allow them to (re) discover a life's rhythm more pleasant is a challenge that I personally take. Our internal balance is achieved not only through physical activity and proper nutrition, but also through mental preparation, self-discovery, recovery of our consciousness.


Devoting time to yourself, your body and your mind is not selfish. We can not share with others from an empty shell.

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