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« At 43, I was struggling to increase my muscle mass. Reading many fitness magazines, I was not understanding what I was doing wrong and why I was stagnating. Knowing Paulo for some time, I decided to use his services. Being a gym rat for a few years, I did not feel the need to be followed every day by a coach. So I opted to get an exercises' program and a personalized food plan to which I associated some private coaching sessions to make sure that my positions were correct and that I mastered the techniques. Three months later, people around me noticed a difference, especially in the shoulders that were outlined, and my arms larger. I intend to reuse its services at the end of this program to continue my progression.»

Philippe M.

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« I have used coaching twice in my life so far. If the first was good, the second is just excellent.

Paulo is among those people who talk to you about his job with passion and intelligence ... two qualities that together can not leave you indifferent.

So, you accept with pleasure to undertake the journey to your destination, your goal. And that's good, because all along you will be well accompanied. Paulo is very professional and well mastered in the anatomical concepts of the body and those related to nutrition (nutritional assessments, diet or others).

His method is very special. She is holistic, complete and balanced.After a few weeks, the magic of her varied food plan begins to give her results. At the same time, he will have taught you to be soft with yourself and it is essential because it is where you will be in alchemy with your own body. Paulo is very empathetic.Always listening, his training programs are very customized, oriented towards your final goal and its sub-objectives. He will not hesitate to ask you for feedback to adjust or improve the program or the food plan.

I am very happy with my experience with InMotion2Rise and think to continue it »

Yosra B.

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« I have asked Paulo for his support due to a prolonged illness I have had, I took a lot of fat and lost a lot of muscles. Since I follow his programs (both nutritional and the ONLINE Coaching), I feel much better. Despite my recurring treatments, I can still see results, I lost some fat I had taken. Getting a custom made nutritional plan allows me to pace my days, and I feel better. I do not feel heavier, nor ballooning after eating. I had a lot of problems digestion before.  Since I started this new way of life, my body has changed and the ballooning has ended !! I recommend anyone looking for results to contact Paulo»

Nina S.

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« Paulo is a great Personal Trainer: really caring, professional, inspiring and very respectful of everyone’s needs and objectives. His programs are always different and effective. We never get bored. Being a mum and due to my schedules, I don't always the time to train. I therefore use his ONLINE Coaching to train ay my own pace, plus we train in-person once per week. I’ve already recommended him to all my friends and acquaintances.»

Ilaria S.

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